Our winemaking philosophy at Keller Estate is simple: respect our vineyards' terroir.

Located at the heart of the Petaluma Gap in Sonoma County, Keller Estate is a true Estate. All of the wines that we produce are from fruit grown on our property. The diversity of our wines comes from years of vineyard exploration, a careful understanding of the grapes we grow and unique attention to respecting the essence of our fruit. 

The state-of-the-art winery at Keller Estate was designed with gravity flow features that allow us to be gentle with the wine.  Two tanks on hydraulic lifts raise and lower as needed to drain tanks and fill barrels. Our bottling tanks are located on an elevated tank pad which allows us to fill barrels without pumping the wine. 

Yet with all the technology available today, we’ve learned that the most important task, and sometimes the most difficult one, is to do nothing - nothing but respect the fruit, the vineyard and the wines themselves.