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As wine, art expresses human emotions.

At Keller Estate, we consider our wines works of art. Each of our wines is borne out of the artist’s tools we have at hand; our terroir and our vineyards. We strive to respect what nature has given us and use our creativity in exploiting these tools, reaching new heights in our wines.
We know that the visual arts, architecture, and design share many of these elements,  incorporating them into our workspace was a natural next step. When we set out to build our winery, we worked alongside the winemaking team to design a functional, elegant and spacious winery. Designed by the renowned Mexican team of Ricardo and Victor Legorreta, Keller Estate winery is constructed out of limestone quarried from the beds of the Yangtze River. 
Keller Estate features select works from local and international artists, many of which are available for guests to view. In the tasting room and around the property, visitors can see original lithographs from the renowned Marc Chagall, an installation of the “Burnt Trees” by Philippe Pastor, and the vibrant works of Grace Keller (of the Keller family). 
It has become a personal mission to share with our visitors our passion for art and architecture. We do our best to talk about our works with every guest and offer tours of our winery whenever possible, hoping that you can come to understand what we feel every day.