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Keller Estate is fortunate to have a team of dedicated, enthusiastic and passionate members. We believe that we are only as strong as the sum of all.

Ana Keller, Estate Director

After taking over the reins in 1998, Ana worked side-by-side with Keller Estate's consulting winemaker, as well as other industry veterans in both the cellar and vineyard to establish the philosophy behind Keller Estate. As the Estate Director and the palate of Keller Estate, she carefully steers the vineyard, the winemaking and the sales team. Deeply rooted in the concept of "family first," Ana’s greatest pleasure is knowing that she has found her life’s passion, while creating a legacy for her children. She is dedicated to leaving an indelible mark as a steward of the land, as well as developing distinctive estate vineyards that produce elegant, balanced and age-worthy wines. 

Julien Teichmann, Winemaker

Born and raised in Goettingen, Germany, first found his passion for fermentation as an intern at the brewery where his brother worked, and as intriguing as it was, Julien found something was missing. As a way to figure out this enigma, Julien spent some time in Florence, Italy where he had his first contact with winemaking and most importantly with vineyards.  Soon the art of wine and the “full circle from vineyard to bottle”  made sense. The drive to earn a degree in winemaking was the natural next step, and he received his degree from the  Weincampus Neustadt, Germany.

Julien traveled the world working harvests: from Austria, Romania, New Zealand to Australia and finally the U.S. in 2013 for an internship at Kosta Browne where he got a glimpse of the California way of winemaking. As he says, where "tech meets wine",  and a true state of the art quality-driven winery. After some time at Merry Edwards, Keller Estate was lucky to entice him to join the team as Assistant Winemaker. In May 2018 Julien took the helm of winemaking at Keller Estate and alongside with Estate Director, Ana Keller they are crafting our wines and nurture our vineyard. Critical in Julien’s career has been profound respect for the vineyard and a holistic approach to farming and winemaking, making him a perfect fit for our Estate.

Steven Harlor, Hospitality Manager

Originally from Denver, Steven has called California home for over 10 years. He graduated with a degree in Sociology and Anthropology before moving to San Francisco for a brief stint in the financial sector. Reevaluating his goals, Steven decided to pursue a passion and enrolled at the Culinary Institute of America in Napa setting his sights and ambitions toward life in hospitality. Shortly after that, he passed his Certified Sommelier examination. A service heart and a love of wine drive Steven’s ethos. He joins Keller Estate as the Hospitality Manager and is hugely enthusiastic about sharing our property with guests. For Steven, hospitality is fun: a team sport. In his own words: I like having the ability to put myself, and my team, in a position to succeed by paying attention to the details and most importantly by creating connections with our guests. You'll love visiting Keller Estate.