Wine Clubs

Take pleasure in building your own wine collection and watch it grow with each vintage.  Create your own Keller Estate experience by bringing the perfect amount of wine home to share with your family and friends.

Key Club: Unlock your key to great wine and take solace in knowing you will always have the perfect bottle of wine handy for that special occasion. 

Estate Club: One for now, one for later. This is the perfect level of membership to enjoy a bottle now and start building your wine estate collection. Write down a few tasting notes and whip up the perfect dish to complement the wine the next time you open a bottle. 

Collection Club: We designed this level of membership for the discerning palate: the pleasure of opening your favorite bottle of wine is only surpassed by the joy that comes with experiencing that wine as it evolves with age.

  Key       Club Estate   Club Collection Club
(4 per year)
(4 per year)
(4 per year)
Discount 10% 15% 15%
Shipping $23 $24 Included
Complimentary Harvest Celebration 2 ticket    2 tickets 2 tickets
Complimentary Tastings per visit 4 4 4
Customizable orders yes yes yes
Invitation to Wine Club Events yes yes yes
Invitation to Private Car Collection Tour - - yes
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* restrictions apply to use of cave. 


The Keller Family roots originate from Switzerland, and our label this is exemplified by the presence of the Swiss flag in the family Crest. If you look carefully, you can see the key in the center. Keller in German means cellar keeper.