2015 Rosé of Syrah

2015 Rosé of Syrah
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The syrah vines of our La Cruz Vineyard send their 30-year roots through the deep clay parts, forming the foundation of the crisp mineral dimensions in this rosé. 

While our Estate is planted predominantly in chardonnay and pinot noir, a small block of syrah yields two syrah-driven wines each year--a big, dark red (Rotie) and this lighter, buoyant rose, inspired by the traditional techniques of the Rhone.  We de-stem the syrah clusters for intact berries.  The effort preserves fruitier, more pristine flavors.  A vibrant color is gained as the skins are left to soak for twelve to eighteen hours.  Then we ferment the wine at cool temperatures (50-55F) for a slower, gentle fermentation process lasting up to three-weeks. In this respect, our rosé is a little like a tea preparation at home.  Grape skins instead of tea leaves soak in chilled juice to capture a more delicate essence.   A naturally bright, fruit-forward, refreshing wine is the result.

2015, as a growing season, was driven by the story of May.  Early on, December and February rains saturated our soils and filled the reservoirs.  A warm March and April engendered early bud break and full bloom, helping Keller Estate avoid many of the complications of the surprisingly cold May that followed, initiating and instigating an unusually poor fruit set throughout Northern California.  Like our neighbors, however, our grape clusters and berry sizes were uneven.  Smaller berries led to low yields, but also concentrated flavors and intense quality.  We picked the grapes for this Rosé on September 16th.   Balanced and crisp, the aromas and flavors are fully integrated, offering a lush symphony of acid and delicate natural fruit.  Enjoy!


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