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Crafted in small amounts, these precious wines represent the very best of each vintage. Keller Estate's elegance and picturesque family estate prides itself in exceptional hand-crafted wines. Our drive: sophistication and luxury for life's special moments. Every year our winemaker encounters outstanding barrels that are inspiring and shine a light on what makes each vintage unique. Alongside Ana Keller, Julien Teichmann selects just a few of these barrels into the most iconic Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from our Keller Estate.



Vineyard Designates

These wines are exclusively from the fruit grown on Keller Estate, and it's La Cruz and El Coro vineyards. These site-specific wines reflect the influence of the Petaluma Gap wind, the diversity of soils, and the carefully planted vineyards. Available in very limited amounts, these wines showcase the extraordinary individual character of the Keller Estate and are a true representation of the hard work dedicated to growing exceptional estate fruit. 



Expressions of the Estate

The concept of terroir is one that captures both time and place. With 30 years of experience organically farming grapes at Keller Estate, certain factors including soil, topography, and climate have presented a complete picture of our property and its natural environment. We strive to harness what the land and vintage provides to be reflected in these passion driven wines. These explorations deliver a perfect symphony of delicacy, minerality, and acidity.

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