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Olive Oil

Our extra virgin olive oil is a perfect companion to a healthy lifestyle.

The Olive Orchard of Keller Estate is divided between Spanish and Italian trees. Italian and Spanish olive oils can have different characteristics:

Italian Leccino olives have a slightly nutty and spicy taste. Frantoio olives are known to be aromatic, light but at the same time slightly spicy and savoury, with an aftertaste of almond and herbs Finally Pendolino olives provide a mild, delicate flavor with a slightly sweet and fruity taste. We recommend using our Italian olive oil as a finishing oil, drizzled over dishes to add flavor and nutrition.

Spanish Manzanilla and Mission olives own a firm and meaty texture with a briny, bitter flavor with smoky notes of nutty almond. Spanish olive oils are widely used in cooking, as well as in salads and other cold dishes.




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