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Honoring Our Founder Arturo Keller 

MARCH 30, 1932 - FEBRUARY 20, 2024

We honor the memory of Arturo Keller, a visionary vintner, beloved family man, and an esteemed member of our community. Arturo's passion for winemaking and his dedication to excellence have left an indelible mark on our winery and the wine industry at large. This page is a tribute to his life, his work, and the love he shared with all of us. As we remember Arturo, we celebrate the legacy he leaves behind, a testament to a life well-lived and a journey filled with purpose, joy, and boundless inspiration.



Letter from Estate Director, Ana Keller


Estate Director, Ana Keller pictured alongside her father, Arturo Keller, founder of Keller Estate.

With heavy hearts, we share the news of our founder, Arturo Keller's peaceful passing last week, surrounded by his family. Our Estate was his sanctuary and a source of pride and joy. We will continue to honor his vision, passion, and memory as we traverse the path ahead.

As we continue to receive your condolences and prayers, we find comfort in the impact his life has had on us all. His passion as a family man, willingness to mentor, and belief in others is apparent now more than ever, as your support continues to pour in.

To my father, nothing compared to the taste of our wines, the beauty of our Estate, or the promise of our bright future. He knew that achieving excellence required constant hard work and dedication.

As the mustard blooms in our vineyards, the ponds fill with water, and the vines come to life, I see his smile as he drives around the Estate, enjoying our little piece of paradise. Next time you savor a glass of Keller Estate wine, remember, he is smiling down on us.

On behalf of our family, we thank you for your thoughts and prayer.

His legacy lives through us.


Remembering Arturo Keller: A Journey of Passion and Legacy


Arturo Keller's story is one of passion and legacy. His roots reach back to the early 1900s, from Switzerland to Mexico, where his family began a tradition of innovation and hard work. These values, deeply ingrained, guided Arturo through an extraordinary life.

His adventure into winemaking began unexpectedly, as he and his wife Deborah discovered a breathtaking piece of land in Sonoma during a scenic drive. This moment changed their lives. In 1983, they called this place home and planted their first vines, laying the foundation for what would become the esteemed Keller Estate. This was just the start of a journey that brought the family's dream to life, blending Arturo's passion with the rich soil of Sonoma.

Arturo's influence extended beyond the vineyards to his remarkable collection of vintage automobiles. This was a man who not only appreciated the beauty of a well-crafted wine but also the timeless elegance of classic cars. His collection, a tribute to automotive history, mirrored his dedication to preservation and excellence.

Arturo Keller's legacy is multifaceted, a blend of wine and wheels, each telling a story of dedication and love. As we remember him, we celebrate not only his achievements but also the spirit he embodied: a life led with enthusiasm, elegance, and a relentless pursuit of beauty. Arturo’s story continues to inspire, reminding us of the richness of following one’s passions with heart and perseverance.