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The Keller Estate family has always been a supporter of important causes that are dear to our hearts. We receive dozens of donation requests each year, and do our best to respond to each request, even if we are not able to donate. We prepare our donation schedule with about a 3 month lead time, please keep this in mind as you send us your request. If you would like to submit a donation request for your charity, please fill out and send us an email.

Please include the following items in your request:

1. Qualified non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations can request one or both of the options below.

a) Auction Lot Donation: Request a wine or winery experience donation for a fundraising event.

b) Reduced-Price Wine: Purchase discounted wine to serve at an event. (Note: Reduced-price wine is available for pick-up in Petaluma.)

2.  Brief explanation of your charity and how our contribution will impact your work

3. Please send us a logo that we may be able to include on our website if we are able to make a donation. 

4. If we are able to make a donation, we request that you send us back a written communication for tax purposes and a second letter (or email) with the details of the lucky and kind bidder. 

Organizations receiving donations must acknowledge support from Keller Estate, in communications that typically recognize donors such as event programs, catalogs, newsletters and website.  We look forward to sharing our partners efforts and Keller Estate will do it's best to  acknowledge their work on our website and other platforms . 

For over 20 years, our family has proudly supported our community. We take great pride in our charitable contributions program and emphasize funding priorities in the following areas:

Childood                          Education                   Arts and Culture                    Environment                                                        

Recently we were honored to support our friends at Giant Steps. Giant Steps’ mission is to enrich the lives of children and adults by empowering their physical, emotional, and cognitive development through equine-assisted therapies and activities. We encourage you to learn more about them: