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Wine Pairings

Wine can be intimidating. Achieving the perfect wine and food pairing can be a headache in the making; We'll be taking the difficulty out of the equation and give you some pointers so you can easily do it at home, or when you're handed the wine menu at a restaurant.



The acidity in white wine enhances its refreshing, crisp qualities, making white a go-to in the warmer weather. Our unoaked chardonnay has a lighter, fresher taste which pairs it well with:

ROSÉ of pinot noir

Another classic for warm-weather drinking: Rosé. With characteristics of both red and white wines, Rosé is an incredibly versatile wine that shouldn't be reserved exclusively for the summer months. Refreshing choice that pairs well with seasonal foods and celebrates the sun with notes of red berries, flowers, and citrus.



For meatier, smokier dishes (this is for all you smoke masters and mistresses out there), Rôtie is a slam dunk. Its characteristic blue and black fruit, black olive and tobacco notes make savory brisket, smoky pulled pork and spice-rubbed steaks shine.

La Cruz 'Pinot Noir' 

La Cruz 'Pinot Noir' is of a light body and has a mouthwatering acidity, as well as fruity and earthy flavors that combine nicely with turkey, dark chicken, pork and salmon. Pinot Noir, with its suave and smooth profile, is the optimal pairing for food.

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